Research At CZI

CZI conducts internal and commissioned research. Such research is important in guiding members, investors, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders in making informed or empirically backed decisions.

The CZI State of Manufacturing Survey

This is an annual survey conducted by CZI on the State of the Manufacturing Sector in Zimbabwe. It is currently the only survey on the whole of the manufacturing sector in Zimbabwe. The survey provide key indicators on the performance of the manufacturing sector highlighting the average industry capacity utilization, Capacity constraints and trade performance among other variables.

Below, you can download the CZI Annual State of the Manufacturing Sector Surveys, since 2009.

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CZI Business Confidence Index

The CZI Business Confidence Index (BCI) measures the levels of business confidence in the economy. The Index provides information on future developments based upon opinion surveys on developments in production, orders and stocks of finished goods in the manufacturing sector. The survey respondents are the company leadership in the manufacturing sector. The CZI BCI survey is the only survey of this nature currently available in Zimbabwe.

Here, you can download the different quarterly Business Confidence surveys conducted by CZI.