Zimstat: Impact of COVID-19 on Households in Zimbabwe

Zimstat: Impact of COVID-19 on Households in Zimbabwe

Note: The full bar is the total percentage of households in each group stating that they
wanted to purchase the good in question over the past seven days. The colored bars
are the percentages of households that were unable to purchase goods.

Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) conducted a survey to see the impact of Covid 19 on Households in Zimbabwe.

The survey, a first of many was conducted between 6th and 24th of July through the telephone.

According to the survey, there was a considerable fall in household income since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic as 90 percent of households that operated a non-farm business reported a drop in revenue.

About 44 percent of wage workers reported a reduction or disappearance of wages.

“This affected urban areas in particular as the proportion of people working for a wage or operating a non-farm business was higher in urban areas than in rural areas.”

Employment dropped, as one fifth of the respondents working before the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions lost their jobs.

This affected both urban and rural areas and job losses were particularly severe in the retail and other service sectors.

There was also a concerning impact on household food security, with half of urban respondents and two thirds of rural respondents reporting skipping meals or running out of food.

Moreover, one third of the extremely poor could not afford to buy maize meal.

See attached Survey Report for more.

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